Minecraft enchantments guide


Minecraft enchantments can be done with enchanting table to build magic weapons, armor, and gadgets in Minecraft. There is a notable chance associated with enchantments in Minecraft, as there’s none approach of knowing what the enchanting table will eject out when you’re done. 

You could stop up losing a perfectly great diamond sword, or you could teach it with the Fire Aspect enchantment so that it also trades burn injury with every strike.

While you can reasonably tell, Minecraft enchantments are extremely powerful, and you’ll need to rack up as many as probable to reach the most immeasurable chance of surviving in this absolute, blocky universe. To offset their exceptional power, growing to the stage where you can build and manage a Minecraft enchanting is no common feat, and there are many steps involved in designing a weapon with a proper enchantment.

Follow us as we split down the basics on making a Minecraft enchanting table, applying enchantments, and giving some further tips on this superior crafting mechanic.


If you’ve arrived at the spot where you’ve perceived all you require to survive in Minecraft, but think you could forever be extra sturdy, you may need to get yourself an enchanting table. These unique blocks can offer powerful (and weird) magical intelligence on your weapons and shield, but you can’t guarantee what outcome you’ll finish up.


Enchantments can be implemented to an enormous amount of items in Minecraft. The broad set of item categories that you can enchant are as follows: tools, weapons, armor, and books.

minecraft enchanting table


There exist three ways to enchant items in Minecraft.

  • Move to a Minecraft enchanting table and replace XP including lapis lazuli to enchant an item.
  • By Minecraft anvil, join an enchanted book with an unenchanted item – this practices XP.
  • At an anvil, join pair enchanted items to create individual items with pair enchantments.

Alternatively, you can perceive enchanted items hardly by trading emeralds including villagers. There is also a chance you’ll obtain an enchanted item during fishing, or as a drop from shooting a zombie, drowned, pigman, husk, stray, zombie, wither skeleton, or skeleton. Enchanted objects can also be looted in the edge city.

If you operate on Bedrock Edition next you can get enchanted items by killing vindicator and pillager enemies through a raid.

If you truly don’t require any trouble then you can use Minecraft console commands and cheats to make the function done.


You’ll require four obsidian, pair diamonds, plus a book to develop an enchantment table in Minecraft. Startup your crafting menu and design three obsidian onward the bottom row with a fourth in the center of the grid. Locate the Minecraft diamonds on both sides of the protruding obsidian and end by placing the book in the center of the top row. An enchanting table should instantly look on the right, so drag and leave this in your inventory and there you have it.


Once it’s located move over and communicate with the enchanting table. This will start a distinct interface. On the left you can drop in a figure of lapis lazuli and the item you require to enchant, then on the right, you’ll notice some scripture that signals your choice of randomly thrown enchantments – hang over one of the glyphs and will give you a clue as to one of the feasible enchantments.

enchantment table


Minecraft enchantments will usually be very higher the higher your experience level, so don’t demand the most salutary enchantments should you control to craft one of these tables early on.

You can also improve your enchantment level by putting a bookshelf next to the enchanting table – with a buffer zone of the unit block. To access the most desirable enchantments you’ll need to build a full bookshelf border – 15 in total. The most reliable way to place these is to build a secondary row of bookshelf blocks should you run out of space.

More Minecraft enchantments help:

If you don’t have a particular item you need to enchant then you can build an enchanted book, which definitely saves the enchantment for use later. As for adjusting enchantments in Minecraft, there’s not sufficient you can do to manage your choices as it’s based off your enchantment seed, your experience level, including the item model you’re working to enchant. You can fudge the options you’re given by decreasing the number of bookshelves attached to the table, but this doesn’t alter the possibilities.

The most reliable way to save up Minecraft enchantments to craft a max enchanted weapon is to hold enchanting books. With the most leading level enchantments accessible to you keep enchanting books till you have a variety of max level enchantments, then take your wanted item and the books to an anvil and join them unitedly. Jace has an extraordinary guide on achieving max enchantments on various items, which you can watch below.


If you’re questioning about all of the likely enchantments you can perceive in vanilla Minecraft then list below has the lot, plus their max ranks.

  • Aqua Affinity
  • Improves your mining rate while below water. Max rank 1.
  • Bane of Arthropods
  • Boosts damage to arthropods, closed with Smite and Sharpness. Max rank 5.
  • Blast Protection
  • Decrease damage from blasts. Max rank 4.
  • Channeling
  • Fits to the Minecraft trident only. Channels a bolt of firebolt towards an item you’ve hit – only works throughout thunderstorms and is commonly exclusive with Riptide. Max Rank 1.
  • Curse of Binding
  • Precludes the removal of items. Max rank 1.
  • Curse of Vanishing
  • Item ended on death. Max rank 1.
  • Depth Strider
  • Go faster under the water (mutually exclusive with Frost Walker). Max rank 3.
  • Efficiency
  • Mine very fast. Max rank 5.
  • Feather Falling
  • Practice more limited fall damage. Max rank 4.
  • Fire Aspect
  • Places the target on fire. Max rank 2.
  • Fire Protection
  • Practice more limited fire damage. Max rank 4
  • Flame
  • Arrows placed the target on fire. Max rank 1.
  • Fortune
  • Gain more further block drops (mutually exclusive with Silk Touch).
  • Frost Walker
  • Converts any water below you into frosted ice, which describes why this can’t be practiced in tandem with Depth Strider. Max rank 2.
  • Impaling
  • Deal more extended damage to sea mobs with the trident. Max rank 5.
  • Infinity
  • Waste no arrows while firing your bow (mutually exclusive with mending) Max rank 3.
  • Knockback
  • More knockback. Max rank 2.
  • Looting
  • Receive more extra loot from mobs. Max rank 3.
  • Loyalty
  • Trident returns behind you throw it (mutually exclusive with Riptide). At more high-priced ranks the trident returns faster. Max rank 3.
  • Luck of the Sea
  • More further success with catching fish. Max rank 3.
  • Lure
  • More agile fishing. Max rank 3.
  • Mending
  • Repairing items working experience (mutually exclusive with Infinity). Max rank 1.
  • Multishot
  • Fire three arrows at one, while only spending one arrow (mutually exclusive with Piercing). Max rank 1.
  • Piercing
  • Arrows can go by pair targets (mutually exclusive with Multishot). Max rank 4.
  • Power
  • Deal more increased damage with arrows. Max rank 5.
  • Projectile Protection
  • Receive more limited damage from projectiles. Max rank 4.
  • Protection
  • Decreases damage received from most sources. Max rank 4.
  • Punch
  • Arrows have more extra knockback. Max rank 2.
  • Quick Charge
  • Reload crossbow flying. Max rank 3.
  • Respiration
  • Swim undersea for higher without requiring to resurface. Max rank 3.
  • Riptide
  • When you launch your trident you go with it (mutually exclusive with Channeling and Support). This only runs in water or when rain. Max rank 3.
  • Sharpness
  • Deal more major injury with sword and axes (mutually exclusive with Smite and Bane of Arthropods). Max rank 5.
  • Silk Touch
  • Mined blocks release automatically (mutually exclusive with Fortune). Max rank 1.
  • Smite
  • Helping out more damage to undead mobs (mutually exclusive with Sharpness and Bane of Arthropods). Max rank 5.
  • Sweeping Edge
  • Extra damage with sweeping attacks. Max rank 3.
  • Thorns
  • Proceedings damage to attackers upon obtaining hit. Max rank 3.
  • Unbreaking
  • Enhances the durability of the enchanted object. Max rank 3.


Minecraft enchanting table language is truly recognized as a standard galactic language, also introduced in Commander Keen. There are many, many tools accessible to change the letters, but the terms don’t correlate to the enchantment you get: it’s zero but a fun easter egg. So while you can transpose the enchanting language in Minecraft, it’s not practical at all.


This is one of the many enchantment languages, If you translate it spells out different random things from r/Minecraft

And there you own it, all the basics on Minecraft enchantments and information of each vanilla enchantment in the game. Any of these are exceptionally powerful – we’re huge fans of using Punch to knock mobs of ledges – so practice them carefully. You can also enchant your Minecraft shield with three distinct Minecraft enchantments to advance your protection during battle.


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